The Mad Cows are...

  • One of Northern California’s best triathlon teams
  • Over 70 athletes of all levels, from novices to seasoned champions.
  • A diverse group of people interested in swimming, biking and running for competition, fitness, and camaraderie.
  • Women and men of all ages who love a good challenge.
  • The only triathlon team that MOOO’s while racing!

History 101: What is the origin of the species known as "Mad Cow"?


The Mad Cows became an official team in the Fall of 2001 under the sponsorship of Steve and Carrie Larsen and their store, Steve Larsen's Wheelworks.

History of triathlons and triathletes in Davis, California

The first record of Davis athletes participating in triathlons was in November 1976 when Dave Scott, Head Coach, Davis Aquatic Masters (DAM), lead 9 DAM members in competing in a triathlon sponsored by the Dolphin Club of San Francisco.