How to join the Mad Cows...

Mad Cows Tri Team is currently an ad hoc group of likeminded athletes who meet on the fisrt Wednesday of the month at Steve's Pizza in Davis to tell tales and recount mishaps...

Go to and join meetup, then google "meetup mad cows and join our meetup group.You can schedule swims, ride and runs and the Mad Cows will be automatically invited. You'll love it.

Our meetings are announced on our Our MeetUp Page

Communicate with Herd Members with Our MeetUp Page

Are you mad enough to join the herd?

Take this test.

1. Do you prefer drinking from a watering trough?
2. Do you see spots when you run?
3. Do you dream of large, grassy fields?
4. Is your idea of fun participating in a triathlon, wearing a spotted shirt?
5. Are you young or old, female or male, fast or slow, fat or thin?

Then become a Mad Cow and

  • Set goals and inspire yourself
  • Have fun
  • Challenge yourself
  • Train with others
  • Compete
  • Gain fitness
  • Improve performance
  • Get discounts
  • Have a valid reason for wearing clothes with Holstein spots

Mad Cow Benefits

  • Training opportunities
  • Social events
  • Email announcements