2010 Mad Cow Awards

* Most Moo-ving - Cary Craig for completing 3 (count 'em - 3!!) Ironman distance races in three countries this year - Ironman-Brazil, Ironman-Hawaii & Ironman-Cozumel
* Most Disciplined - Eric Russell Webb for being in perpetual training this year.
* Most Adhesive - Don Schug for pushing the team to compete in the Granite Bay Team Triathlon competition.  (Don't worry Don - we'll get those RATS from Reno next year!)
* New Member Award - Brian Charn for getting active with the club and his enthusiasm for next year.
* Most Inspirational - Kathy McNally for her first half-ironman at Barb's Race this year.
* Most Active - Kelly Barber for attending the Friday team swims and motivating other to join.
* Most Improved - Laureen Jensen for demonstrating to everyone why we do this crazy triathlon thing
* Most Supportive - Lena Sambucci for her shopping, team race set up, and relentless cheering.
* Mad Cow(s) of the Year - Keith & Susan vonBorstel for their tireless efforts contributing to the team.  Keith with his website work and coordinating the Friday swims in Berryessa.  Susan for her time providing cover from Coors Light-influenced boaters at Berryessa and cheering loudly at the team races.  Keith & Susan with the Mad Cow Award (pictures coming!)

2011 Board Members

Congratulations to our two newest 2011 Board Members - Brian Charn and Christoph Gumb. Our 2011 Board Members are:

* Scott Sambucci (1 year remaining)
* Frank McNally (1 year remaining)
* Diana Cox (1 year remaining)
* Randy Thompson (1 year remaining)
* Keith vonBorstel (1 year remaining)
* Marianne Hernandez (1 year remaining)
* Farran Briggs (1 year remaining)
* Brian Charn (2 years remaining)
* Christoph Gumb (2 years remaining)
* Open (2 years remaining)
* Open (2 years remaining)

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