It was a dark and stormy day. Actually it was a sunny, but cool, spring (almost) day. This is the beginning of the racing season for me. Each year, the first week of daylight saving time, just before I'm really ready, the Putah Creek Time Trial series begins. As usual the group was smaller than it will be in the following trials, probably about 40 cyclists. (Official results are not yet in.)

The time trial is an event where you race against yourself for 10 miles. Cyclists start at 30 second intervals. Drafting is not allowed. The trick is to pace yourself so that at the finish you can't go any faster or any farther. A time trial is great practice for the cycling part of a triathlon. You learn to pace yourself and finish as quickly as you can.

And, as usual, it was windy. The first half was against the wind. It took 17 minutes, I tried for 15. The last 5 miles was with the wind! My slowest was 16.5 mph going out but coming back I hit 27.4 mph for a time of 29:55. Not as fast as I wanted but I can only get faster.

The next time trial is on March 30, 6 PM. See you there.

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