Aloha kakou,

I’ll go ahead and post the first MC race report in 2012. I was lucky enough to get a week-long business trip to Hawaii, and since I had to work during the weekdays I decided to return on Sunday so that I could get in some ocean activities. As it turned out I crammed a lot in on Saturday, scuba diving in the morning and sailboat racing in the afternoon.

Late Saturday a friend mentioned that the Valentine's Day Biathlon was the next day. I had a noon flight back to CA, but I was instantly determined to do the race. I had done it, and many other biathlons, when I lived in Hawaii and had many fond memories of those events. There is something so pure and simple about showing up for a race with just running shoes and swim goggles—with wetsuits prohibited, the technology factor is completely removed. 

As with a number of other biathlons on Oahu, the 5k run/1k swim Valentine's Day race is held in Ala Moana Park. You run completely around the park and then swim along the semi-enclosed canal along the beach.

The weather during the morning of the race was perfect (duh, it is Hawaii). The race is sponsored by the Waikiki Swim Club, and, as is all their races, it was faultlessly organized. Running nearly flat out, kicking off your shoes, and diving into the ocean (you run with your goggles around your neck) may sound a bit challenging, but its actually a blast.

I wasn’t in very good racing shape since it still is more or less the offseason here in CA, but I felt alright. I managed an age-group second place finish—the guy that always beat me during the 1990s is still racing, and he can still beat me! It being Valentine’s Day race, there was also a couple’s relay. Another great thing about Hawaii biathlons and triathlons are the prizes (and t-shirts)—I snagged a nice wine glass with the race logo. Oh yeah, I caught my flight home with a few minutes to spare.

A hui hou, Don

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