We had a big herd out there! 8 bovines in the sprint on the Saturday and 8 in the Olympic on the Sunday, nice turn out! Also fun to see many faces and hear good stories at the BBQ in West Davis.

Kelly Barber was on a rest day from training for Western State 100 so he came down to Rancho Seco to show us that he has not lost his speed despite the high foot mileage! Kelly was the fastest bovine over taking 3rd in his age group, just ahead of Randy Thompson. I got lucky with an easier age group and despite being slower than Kelly by 2 min, I took 1st in my age group. Don Schug and Keith vB both got 2nd in their age group. Fadi Fathalla and Andy Rippel also had good races. Jim Watson got stuck in traffic on the way so he ended up starting in a women's wave and enjoyed his race!

On Sunday, Andrea Kirsch won her age group. Jean Marc Leininger had to face one really tough competiter and took 2nd place. Scott Sambucci was the fastest bovine out there with a great time for his first race in 2 years but got stuck in a really competitive age group. Ken Havens raced I believe what was his first olympic tri, great job! Jenny Hebets, Matt Botting and Rocky Doms completed the herd with good races.

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