The racing season is slowly winding down.
Mad Cows members have been taking part in crazy adventures: Kelly does not stop running (cannot keep track of him... he is venturing to any 100k or 100 mile race he can find...), Scott just survived freezing to death in the Bay (read below), JM had the crazy idea to go road bike racing and Cary has become an elite Elliptigo competitor.

This weekend the action was back on the Triathlon scene.
First of all, huge congrats to Cary Craig for her brilliant come-back to IronMan racing!
It sounds like the Elliptigo has healed the hip injury as carry took 3rd/30 in her age group at Ironman Wisconsin in 12:45.

SantaCruz Ironman 70.3
There also was some strong racing in Santa Cruz at Ironman 70.3 (aka Big Kahuna), where Jenny Hebets and Ken Havens did their half ironman debuts with strong performances. Randy Thompson, Big Kahuna veteran (How many times did you race there Randy?), was also brilliantly representing the herd in Santa Cruz.
Don Schug ventured to Oakland by train a few weeks ago for an interesting sprint triathlon where he of course won is age group to consolidate his lead in the challenge.
Hope everybody is still training strong: don't forget Golden State Tri on Oct 11th, last race for the challenge.

Upcoming Swim & Social
Also save the date for Thursday October 1st 6-8pm, I am working on organizing a swim and social event at Get Fit Sport, more information to come soon.

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