July 31, 2016 - It has been kind of a tough late summer for training—first, very high temps, and when it finally cooled a bit the air quality in the valley was dismal. Nevertheless, we’ve had a number of stalwart bovines out on the race courses.

Mike and Allison continued to rack up half-irons. Both did the Racine 70.3 in July, and then Allison did the Vichy 70.3 in Auvergne, France. Way to go you two!

Other notable half-iron racers are Cris, who set a PR in Vineman, and Peter, who also completed Vineman. Cris also placed 3rd in age group in the last T4R. Jean-Marc remained on the aquabike circuit, with a finish in the Santa Barbara Aquathlon.

August 14, 2016 We had a good showing in TFF#3. Both Melissa and Josephn came in first in age group--way to go!  Jim came in 4th in age group--looks like he is well on his way to mending past injuries.

Also, Kaleena did the Vineman 70.3 and set a PR--good job, Kaleena!

TFR#3 results -- Andrea won AG and first overall woman!  Jim Carman also won his AG. Well done y'all!

July 31, 2016 - My gosh its been hot out there.  But we still have some dauntless cows racing.

First of all, I missed Steph's appearance in TRF2 during the last update--good job, Steph!

Three cows braved Donner this year. Mathieu, a seasoned veteran of the Olympic, recorded an impressive time of 3:09. Jean Marc has been hammering the aquabike circuit--he did the Donner event after also competing in the Pleasanton Aquabike. Jim L. made a valiant effort to complete the half Iron, and though he had to drop out because of cramping, he definitely deserves 10 pts.

Mathieu also did the always interesting Eppie's for the second time.

July 23, 2016 - Congrats to Melissa Corbett for winning her age group on Saturdays tri for fun.

July 4, 2016 - Despite the brutal temps there has been quite a bit of race action. A few weekends ago Mike and Allison did the Victoria 70.3 for the first time and thought it was a nice race. Both recorded impressive times and division ranks.

Ian braved the heat in TFR#2 and managed to pull off a 2nd place in AG and Jim shook off some persistent injuries and did the TFF#2, coming in 3rd in AG--welcome back Jim.

Mathieu and Diana raced the DUTOES in San Pablo Reservoir in Orinda. Diana did the duathlon and took 2nd in AG. Mathieu raced the "long distance triathlon" consisting of a 3.6 mile run, 22mile (hilly) ride and 4 mile kayak a la Eppie's. He took first in AG and 2nd overall (it helped there were only 5 people in the race).

June 11, 2016 - Diana and Mathieu had a great start to their race season at the Folsom Tri. Diane won in her AG and Mathieu came in third in his--well done y'all!

Couple of corrections--I missed Jean-Marc's 1st place finish in the May TBF TFR and mistakenly reported that Ian came in 2nd in the same race when he actually continued his string of 1st place finishes--way to go Jean-Marc and Ian.

May 30, 2016 - There has been some good race action over past couple of weeks.

Frank showed up again at Auburn, a course he knows well. Glad to see you racing, Frank.

Allison and Mike also did Auburn, with Allison coming in 2nd in AG and setting a PR!

Also, Kaleena got on the scoreboard with her completion of the St. George Half Iron in Utah--way to go, Kaleena. Keep it up!

Finally, Fadi and Ian represented MC at the first T4F/TFR--well done, guys. Ian kept his lead in the Challenge with a 2nd in AG.

Great racing this weekend in the TBF Racing Ice Breaker Triathlon!
Ian Pund got to place first in his age group (40-44) and 10th Overall! The final sprint with 3 athletes was insane, but Ian crossed the line first taking the top 10!!
Cristobal Heitmann also won his age group (30-34) and got to place 6th overall.

Thanks to our sponsors for supporting us!


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