Hoo wuz ther...

In attendance: Scott Sambucci, Randy Thompson, Christoph Gumb, Michael Lindquist,  Dave Grundler, Mariane Hernandez, Diana Cox, Brian Charn, Farran Briggs..

Current Board Members: above + Keith vonBorstel. Dave and Michael are not (yet) on the board.


Marriane nominated Dave Grundler and Michael Lindquist for the board.
Unanimous vote for both.


Scott: Lets assign tasks to officer positions:
Team Races:  June tri for fun, August Olympic (no food), then Granite Bay(no food)
Swim clinics by Steve Sexton and Doug Wright.
Prioritize Friday Berryessa Swims.
First Member meeting is important for recruitment.
Tammy wants us to have meetings at DSF.


Michael will send back the too small uniforms from last year to get replacement larger sizes.  Michael will do this in the next 2 weeks.  Goal is to get uniforms to people by the June team race.
We still have lots of T shirts.
Randy also has some odd sized older uniforms.
Look into Sacramento company that does DBC uniforms.  Marriane will get name of company because they will come to team meetings with samples.


David Grundler: unanimously elected as treasurer.
Frank McNally: unanimously elected for secretary.
Randy Thompson:  unanimously elected for VP of training.
It is important for all officers to delegate tasks to other people.
Considerable effort to get Brian Charn to be president.
Brian Charn: unanimously elected for president.
Diana Cox: unanimously elected for VP of membership.

We need to groom next years officers from the membership.
Farran, Michael and Marriane are willing to swap their board position with a new enthusiastic person that shows up during the year.

First member meeting!

First member meeting in March at Sudwerk. We will offer an 8 week training plan for June team race.


Karen Wagoner volunteered last year to spearhead sponsor drive.
We have enough cash, so we don't really need cash sponsors.
Christoph is working on the Giro sponsorship.
Scott will contact Karen and get her to spearhead sponsorship efforts.
Applications for PowerBar sponsorship closed in the Fall.
GU is taking applications for team sponsorship, Michael volunteered to contact GU.
Randy volunteered to subcommittee with Karen.


Cary Craig was in charge of renewing active.com membership setup.  We need to get active.com password from Cary to make sure VP of membership gets emails when people join MadCows through active.com.

February board meeting

Dianna will have a list of tasks for the March new member meeting.

At Feb. board meeting we will switch board emails.
Time for next board meeting.
Second Thursday at 6:30 PM at Park and Vaughn.

(Thankx to igor Jones for sending pix of the bored meeting.)

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