I did my first off-road triathlon today at Granite Bay, the Xterra Real Mountain bike triathlon.

The announcer kept saying the lake was 50 degrees but down at the beach, Bill Driscoll said it was officially 48.5.
I swam almost head up to the first buoy because every time my face touched the water, my whole body wanted to be somewhere else. The swim was much better after about 500 yds.

The bike was extremely fun. Massive amounts of mud, some of it so deep and soft I had to walk and the mud was halfway up my calf with the water over my knees. In some places the trail was a flowing stream. Apparently this is a really easy mountain bike course. Since I am not a mountain biker, it took me over 2 hrs to ride 16 miles.
There was a challenged athlete who was having a hard time constantly re-attaching his prosthetic leg to his bike pedal in the thick mud. That guy was inspiring.

This race had a mass swim start at 10:00 AM, the latest start I have ever heard of. So definitely a good race for people who have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

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