Our herd members are out there, stampeding around the state. These are some of the March events they participated in.


Oakland Marathon

In an effort to keep/get people motivated for the season, I thought I'd share my results from the Oakland Marathon (my first ever marathon).

The Oakland Marathon is a wonderful combination of very well run and organized without being huge.  Registration is capped at 1,500 but only 903 people finished this year.  Even with a small number of participants, the city was out in force: the race course was closed to all traffic and cross traffic for 7 hours with police and fire personnel in force manning road blocks.  The course is on city streets, traversing many different neighborhoods.  The first 5 miles are flat to rolling hills, followed by a climb of about 500 feet over 3 miles, leading back to 2 miles of more rolling hills.  From there its a screaming descent of 500 feet over about 1 mile followed by 15 miles of flat running.  There are also about 3,500 people who run a half marathon that day, finishing their run along the same course as the marathon, so it does get a bit thick at the end.  All in all, I think this was a great marathon to run, especially as a first marathon.

I finished in 3:17:10 and placed 10/86 in M40-45 and 50/644 overall.

Brian Charn


Bariani Road Race 2011

I did the Bariani Elite 5 road race in Zamora on Sunday. Nice windy day and three 10 mile loops later I came in second after being thoroughly outsprinted by a 21 yr old (he might have been 22). Marianne watched and will attest to the fact that this 40 yr old cow can't sprint.

Bernhard Sturm

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