Why are time trials important to the triathlete? Simple, the bike part of a triathlon is a time trial. Learning to pace yourself in a time trial will allow you to set a realistic pace and efficiently ride the triathlon's bike course.

What is a time trial? A time trial, sometimes called an individual time trial , is a cycling event in which cyclists race alone against the clock.

Is there a local time trial i can participate in? The 10 mile time trial (TT) that runs every 2 weeks on Putah Creek Road is a good opportunity to learn how to do a TT.

Planning your first TT

Estimate the time for the first 5 miles.

Go 1 mile as fast as you can. (East of Davis, on County Road 32A about .5 miles east of the railroad crossing, is a measured mile that you can use to get your time.)

How long did it take?

Multiply by 5.

Add 1 minute.

That is your starting 5 mile goal.


Example 1: 1 mile takes 4 minutes, so 5 mile goal is 4 x 5 = 20 +1 = 21 minutes. Ride the first 5 miles in 21 minutes, turn around and ride back as fast as you can.

Example 2: 1 mile takes 3 minutes, so 5 mile goal is 3 x 5 = 15 +1 = 16 minutes. Ride the first 5 miles in 16 minutes, turn around and ride back as fast as you can.

The above rule of thumb assumes light or no wind. A windy day will adversly effect your careful planning. Of course, most afternoons in Davis, in the Spring and Summer are windy.

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Here are some tips from top experts and recent scientific research that will turbocharge your training without taking more time.

by EnduranceCoach.com  on October 30, 2003

I love cycling; it's got a special ability to make you feel fast and free. Plus, it's not as physically hard as running or as technically frustrating as swimming can be for many of us. Mix your swimming and running training with a little bit of cycling and you can go a long way - that's the beauty of triathlon training.

Getting started with cycling is often the hard part. Here are some tips to help you get out there!