- Always grab two folds at a time when you put it on, instead of pulling on a single fold of neoprene, which will cause premature wear and tear. Be gentle when you pull it off.
-Avoid harsh transition area when putting it on/off, unless you have a towel to buffer.
- Wetsuits get stolen easily: "brand" your suit with a silver Sharpie inside and out. This becomes relevant in races like Auburn triathlon, where T1 bags are trucked to T2 and wetsuits routinely disappear.
- Wetsuits and long, sharp fingernails are mutually exclusive. If you want to have both, then buy a pair of rubber gloves so you will not cut your suit as you put it on.
- Never lend your suit. I have made this mistake once. It came back with many finger nail cuts and I discovered them several months after it came back.
- Expect suit rash around following contact areas: neck and underarm.Neck is where is hurts the most if the zipper cover flat is not properly set in place.It burns like hell and takes weeks to heal, so you will need lubrication. "No great triathlon without proper lubrication".Never use petroleum jelly (Vaseline), as it will eat away the neoprene.While BodyGlide is the most prevalent product on the market, it is a poor lubricant compared to "Friction Zone" by "Brave Soldier" (https://www.bravesoldier.com/friction-zone.php)
It works great in other sensitive parts of our anatomy, especially after salt water swims. Trust me on that one!!!
-Rinse your wetsuit and hang it to dry ASAP after use.
-I had many neoprene suits in my sailing, windsurfing and triathlon years and these tips should save you time and money.

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