We met at Steve's Pizza at 6.30pm in Davis.

Members in attendance: Anupama, Diana, Kelly, Mathieu, Peter, Jim, Keith, Ian.

1. What exactly do members get via sponsorship or goodwill money?
     Plan is to purchase hats this year for ALL members and alternate between other articles of MC clothing every year such as tech shirts or shorts etc. Plan is to cover the additional costs over and above sponsorship money using membership money. 
Suggestions that we are undecided on:
1. To make it mandatory for new members to purchase a MC custom tri kit. 
2. To make it mandatory for all members to purchase an article of tri clothing once every two years. 
Board to consider the direction we want to move in.
2. Getting the budget together.
 We have $2363 in the bank right now after paying for insurance for 2015. Fadi suggested that we can break even every year if we have 50 members. 
Questions were raised such as: 
1. What do we have money for with and without sponsorship contributions?  
2. Are we still a 501c3?
3. What tax do we pay?
3. Pactimo and Tri kits
     Play it by ear to see if new members want tri tops this year, unless we decide to make it mandatory for each new member to purchase a tri top.
     Anupama to write to Pactimo Rep - Lorri Lee Lown and request if she will come to the season kick off meeting with tri kit samples and sizes. 
     The Ascent cycling jersey and the Delfino tri top were purchased as part of last years order. This year, they cost:
  • Ascent Jersey: $84 for mens and $84 for womens (must order 5 minimum per gender)
  • Delfino Tri top: $54 for mens and $54 for womens (5 minimum per gender)
     Last year Pactimo gave us a waiver i.e. as long as we met the minimums for one gender, they waived the minimums for the other gender. Perhaps they may do that again if we request them.
     Going forward, we should talk about uniforms in the Fall of the previous year to get the uniforms produced and delivered on time the following year. 
4. Season Kickoff meeting
  • Keith to update time on website to read 6.30-8pm.
  • GFD and TBF will have reps who will talk for a few minutes.
  • Peter and Fadi to print coupons for Round Table Pizza and ~ $200 is allocated for pizza.
  • We should put flyers at the athletic arenas on UCD campus to advertise the kickoff meeting.
 5. Strava
     Kelly has created a MC Strava group. He will email the team about this so that we can all sign up and share our workouts with everyone.
6. Hats/Headsweats
     Do we order hats/headsweats on amazon and then have InkMonkey embroider or print the MC logo on the hats? And perhaps have one sponsor on the back of the hat? What color hats do we want?

     Peter to find out from Ink Monkey if this is possible and cost-effective. Jim to enquire with Screaming Squeegees about costs to print hats.

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